Vice bad for Eleanor that have to Letizia very crazy. Attention!


Leonor, Sofia and Letizia

March 24, 2020
(13:30 CET)

Since he became the Queen, Letizia has not ceased to be in the spotlight. All his actions and public appearances have been studied with a magnifying glass. And is that the hobbies that you have and that have come to light over the years have been indifferent to very few.

For example, his obsession with the physical image. On the one hand, we know of many operations. The Queen it has been touched up, among other things, the nose, the cheekbones or the chin. Also, often used different masks for hair and face.

In addition, they spend hours exercising to keep the line. Even has a personal trainer that spends many hours a week.

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Power strict

The power is another of the things that is of concern to the ex Spanish Television. An obsession that has transfer to their daughters, and that has mixed with the overprotection has on the small.

For example, as picked up Daily Goal, Letizia stepped in to design the menu in the dining room, which now must be followed by all students. A menu based on vegetables, soups, purees and fish, and that does not contemplate fried, fats, or carbs.

The vice of Leonor

That’s why you have so worried the monarch what they are seeing these days in Zarzuela. Because in weeks of confinement as we are living it is difficult not to take the hand of the pantry every two-by-three. And one of the things that you love to Leonor is the chocolate.

Princess Leonor | EFE

They say that in the field trips always take the opportunity to buy everything that was not allowed to eat at home, and there quench your addiction for this precious food.

“Bought a box of chocolates after asking what it contained, in addition to other chocolates”, they commented in a trade in which they received to Leonor and his companions on an excursion.

But having to be confined at home, in the situation in which he lives Spain at this time, Leonor has not been able to hide their addiction to chocolate. And the queen has no other to give. But the issue is crazy Letizia. And even would have asked the staff to monitor everything they can visits Leonor to the kitchen.