Viral the chain against the 600 euros to the value added tax is: “use it to machine life saver buy”

Among the many chains that are circulating these days in the web there is one that has caught our attention.

The ceiling is too short, the medium for the aid of Italian citizens, in this exceptional situation is caused by coronavirus, forced the government the allocation of the amounts for the VAT, you will receive a little help from 600, – euro once.

For some, a slap in the face of the severe economic situation, she had come, and, perhaps because of that, he decided, these chain letters.

Here’s the full text:

Dear President, count the 600 euros that you have designed, the control numbers, in my opinion, you can donate directly to the hospitals, it is the most needed.
Maybe a lot of 600 euros can be used, to buy, to save any machine someone’s life, and thus, at least the frustration will be rewarded by the joy of a good action.
I feel very disappointed to know that valiamo produced much less immigrants, we have the necessary and proper support, or an unemployed recipients of income, citizenship, resource, always, and by whom.
We p. VAT-we will continue to work until death, in view of the fact that not even a pension earned, we must then, at the end of our work.
But that doesn’t matter , we are fighters and we are accustomed to sitting in the trenches and, above all, we are accustomed to count only and exclusively on ourselves.
You’re the owner of the UST-id-and-paste, at least the voice and not the Copy!!

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