Watch the first 9 minutes of ‘Bloodshot’, which anticipates its digital release in Spain


If we talk about movies that have been affected by the arrival of the coronavirus have to mention ‘Bloodshot’. The movie starring Vin Diesel it premiered in Spain on march 6just a few days before it decrees the state of emergency and closed the cinemas, so its arrival in theaters was very short lived. It is for this reason that Sony has decided to bring forward the date of sale digital.


The film will be available from this Friday, 27 of march, so that consumers can enjoy through different platforms like Apple app TV, Google Play, PlayStation Store, Xbox and Rakuten TV. According to Tom Rotham, the president of the Motion Picture Group at Sony Pictures Entertainment “we are confident that the cinema -like other businesses hit hard by the virus – will reestablish with force, and we will be there to support them”. Ensures that it is an exceptional circumstance, a cause of force majeure.

So begins the movie

In addition to the news already mentioned, the studio has decided to release a preview of the film, and it is nothing more and nothing less than the first nine minutes of the same. Without a doubt, this advance of the launch in digital format, it is one of the few outlets he had to study, which has not been the first, as other films such as ‘Birds of Prey (and the fantabulosa emancipation of Harley Quinn)’ also opted to bring forward its launch of digital sales.