“We have not resolved all” – Aracely Arámbula responded to those who question it because they have money and can stay home without worry


Like many celebrities, the mexican actress encourage their followers to stay at home to prevent further increasing the infections by coronaviruses.

Through its account of Instagram, Aracely Arámbula he called to ask his followers to take precautions and not going out of the house, with the goal of stopping the spread of the pandemic.

“I stay at home, take care of you and take care of me I choose to stay at home. Flattens out the curve for you, by your children, by your family, by your friends and by all”, he said.


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However, despite giving an important message in these times, some users questioned the words of the actress, claiming that although they wanted to stay at home, their economic situation forces them to have to leave.

“You artists can do because they are rich and because they have a how to, but one that does not have to pay up to us to seek out the bread”wrote in the comments.

The protagonist of ‘The Mrs’ replied to this, politely but strongly, “All my life, we all work to earn money and we have not solved everything. If you value your life partner because if they all leave there won’t be hospitals enough to care for”.

And finally to settle the issue stated, “Thanks to that negativity grows the panic, and the people does not vibrate in the best way, for anyone who likes good, who want and value your life do not quit. We all have things to day, jobs, tours and we didn’t win and payments. We don’t have it all figured out, but you value your life, take heed to thyself those 15 days, not months, and help to those we know, so do I, what about you? Let us have a pantry, we share to those who need it”.

Source: People en Español