What happened in Tulum did not stay in Tulum


a young man of 25 years, it pushes gently on the door glass with one hand; with
the other holds the cell phone to record the short drive. The virtual tour
starts with a cabin at the edge of the sea in the town of Tulum, in the
mexican state of Quintana Roo, mayan archaeological site and new mecca of the
tourism sun, sand and sea. No more opens the door he stumbles upon a small
a private swimming pool. Leave it to one side, go down about five steps to get
to the sand and, from there, shows the Caribbean Sea to its nearly 30,000 followers
the social network Instagram.

history is highlighted along with a compilation of images and videos in the
that, more than idyllic landscapes, dominated by the parties. She is shown with
costumes as extravagant as the manicure she shows on the video
room: one night with feathers on the head, another with decorations on the

she is alone in the revelry. He is accompanied by his inseparable best friend, Aigil
–social communicator, as she recently graduated from the University
Central de Venezuela (UCV)–, and at least 28 other models in venezuela, according to a
compilation prepared by Armando.Info.

it assumes that this merrymaking should not be disclosed. But in this era of
selfies and social networks, narcissism and the need to validate with
the collective status is newly acquired and ever dreamed of, they usually beat the
discretion. So not only do you learn recklessly by Instagram the
details of the venezuelan delegation to the Festival, This is Tulum, which aims to
emulate other festivities hip as Burning Man, or Coachellaand
especially when Day Zero Festival, the long-awaited feast of music
electronic of 10 of January of this year. Also your coverage of video reveals the
back room of the circuit of the sponsors that has been established between
the most successful magnates of the call boliburguesíathe lodge
entrepreneurs who amassed fortunes doing business with the chavez ruling
and that extends that economic success to its relationships with some of the women
more lush in the country, suitors to realms of beauty and racing

she was alone in the imprudence. Dozens of photos and videos circulated in the early
of the year by the social networks, offering a glimpse unusual if fragmented
to that underworld where you will find the power, waste and sensuality. This
report seeks to provide a comprehensive view of what happened.