“What Lara Alvarez is running is bald?”. Photo bomb and Spain upside down!


Lara Alvarez

March 25, 2020
(14:10 CET)

When Lara Alvarez picked up a plane a few weeks ago heading to Honduras not going to imagine that, after a period of time, Spain and the rest of the world would go through a serious health crisis caused by the coronavirus.

A crisis that, yes, of time, does not affect Survivors. Yes, because there are those who suggests that, taking into account that the topic is becoming more and more delicate, it would not be surprising that the program is cancelled and all the equipment I had to return to Spain.

Of time, Telecinco points that has not been taken yet to that extent. “The Embassy is in contact with them as with all the Spanish in Honduras that have been in contact. The solution that is found for the return of the Spanish in Honduras will be the same for all,” said the chain in a press release recently.

The photo of Lara Álvarez

A Lara which, yes, has seen its days in Honduras this year has been the most complicated. And that is your fault in the direct social networks in that, thinking that I had hung up, he let out a “the people is delayed” who heard all his followers, continue to talk about.

In fact, in all and each one of the photos you posted on his Instagram since then, Lara had to read very negative comments criticándole your attitude. Is more, there are those who, in fact, wanted to go beyond criticizing not only its ugly, with his followers, but also their physical.

Lara Álvarez

And is that is circulating a picture of Alvarez for networks with a hairstyle which, for many, reveals a “problem hair”. In fact, there are not a few who, seeing the “entries” of Laraask the question with very bad faith if “doLara Alvarez is running is bald?”.

What is certain is that there are many advocates of Alvarez which, at the margin, to make it clear that the photo is from the last issue, pointed out that this type of questions are not more than a critical covert to the presenter. She (and well done) you prefer to stay on the sidelines.