What racist? Carmen Salinas should apologize for mocking the chinese

The actress and ex-mp Carmen Salinas it is located in the middle of a controversy after giving his opinion about the coronavirus in front of the cameras but the way in which it is referred the chinese community has caused anger and have demanded that offer a public apology.

A couple of days ago I got to know the controversial statements that Carmen Salinas he had given in relation to the coronavirus and that according to the opinion of the actress, this disease was a punishment of life because the chinese have been eating dogs and cats.

  • “It’s a disease so horrible, it is what is happening to the chinese children were eating the puppies and the kittens,” said the actress of 80 years.

What racist? Carmen Salinas should apologize for mocking the chinese.

China requires a public apology to Carmen Salinas

But it seems that these statements were not to the liking of many people, especially those that make up the Chinese embassy in Mexico, as these ensure that the comments of the actress and ex-deputy federal Carmen Salinas have been racist and discriminatory.

The Chinese embassy said in a statement that aired this morning that the source of the coronavirus has not been able to be identified and accused Carmen Salinas of being an ignorant person who does not have the basic knowledge enough to talk about the issue in public.

  • “Being a public personality, the words unfounded the lady, Carmen Salinas, confuse the public and defame China. We request that you amend your error and offer a public apology,” reads the press release.

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What racist? Carmen Salinas should apologize for mocking the chinese.

Until the moment do not have any statement of Carmen Salinas on this painful situation which is starring in, but it is expected that the actress offered the public apology that the Chinese embassy has requested for the reckless comments he has made.

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