WHAT WILL BE THE SUCCESSOR OF MIGBELIS?- Osmariel Villalobos expresses its desire to participate in Our Latin Beauty


Model, entertainer and former beauty queen in venezuela, Osmariel Villalobos told all in a recent interview, from his polemic in Tulum, up until their divorce.

For its part, during episode 50 of the renowned podcast “Because Aha“, hosted by former beauty queen and journalist, venezuela Daniela Di Giacomo and the Argentina Mariela Irala, she was invited to our Miss Has Earth 2011, Osmariel Villalobos who spoke about several controversial issues in his life and new projects in the entertainment world.

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In turn, the venezuelan was very real and open in the interview, taking advantage of the space to speak a little bit of everything; your projects, your career, and even his divorce and everything that she meant this.

On the other hand, also a model revealed that wish to participate in a new edition of Our Latin Beauty, to reach out to the television that is what I really felt passionate about.

Also, the creole also talked about the relationship that had some of their former companions in the morning of Venevision, Covers.

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