With everything in the air! Mila Ximénez not expecting to see this. “God’s beautiful love!”


March 24, 2020
(12:14 CET)

Finally a joy among so much bad news. In the midst of the tough situation through which passes the planet, some try to make more bearable this time of confinement and concern. Mila Ximénez, who remains locked up in the house, as all the Spanish, you have left the eyes at the get into Instagram. As a lot of people. We have just seen Miguel Ángel Silvestre without any clothes. The partner of Save me, has not hesitated to give it a I like. Who says what to the people more mature do not might like boys?

During these weeks, social networks have become viral many challenges, one of them is to show a photograph of your childhood. Miguel Ángel Silvestre has joined this trend, although it has been very rascally. Know what you like to your followers and how to get millions of likes. The actor has shown a photograph of a child, but also adult, and has done so completely naked evading the censorship of Instagram.

Miguel Angel Muñoz mockery of the censorship of Instagram The artist wanted to imitate a picture from when I was little. Under the shower, thoroughly wetalthough the difference between one and the other was the suit. The valencian appears in a photograph in black-and-white sitting in a plastic chair placed under a shower of swimming pool. Note that you are enjoying a fun summer night. Miguel Ángel Silvestre appears covering their parties more intimate with one hand and with the other his chest.

In this way you get that Instagram will not censor the photo, and in addition leaves much to the imagination. Their fans have gone crazy and the photo where farda of muscles has been viralizado in a matter of minutes. Some celebrities have echoed this full nudity as Jon Kortajarena. “Tontorrón,” she writes. The model also tends to give away to their fans photographs of this style.

This is not the first time that Miguel Angel Muñoz makes us drool non-stop.