Woody Allen publishes his memoirs by surprise and blames Mia Farrow for the accusations of abuse to Dylan


Earlier this month came the news that Woody Allen, after presenting their work to numerous publishers, he had found a place in which to publish his autobiography. However, a few days after the publisher backed down, and decided to reject it. A few weeks later, the filmmaker has a new publisher and has published his memoirs by surprise. In the book he again speaks of the scandal of sexual abuse that leads him chasing more than 25 years, Mia Farrow and current wife Soon-Yi Previn.

Woody Allen

According to reports The Associated Press the memoirs of the filmmaker has found a new home in the publishing Arcade Publishing. The book of 400 pages which originally had planned to go on sale on the 7th of April, was released on Monday, march 23, under the name initial: ‘Apropos of Nothing’. In this publication goes back to deny once more the charges of sexual abuse towards his adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow, in the early 90’s when she was 7 years old. “We never put a finger on Dylannever did anything that could be misconstrued as abusing her. It was a total fabrication from beginning to end,” he writes in the book.

Allen has been accused on several occasions, backed by his eldest son, Moses Farrow, Mia Farrow of being the culprit of coaxing Dylan to convince her that he was a sexual predator. Now back to do so saying that he did it for “revenge” after learning that he was leaving with his adoptive daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, 21 years of age. The book also describes the reaction of Mia upon learning of this relationship and writes about “his shock, his dismay, his anger”then call it “the right reaction”.

In these pages he also remembers a visit to casa Mia in August of 1992, in which acknowledge that you have placed gently his head on the lap of Dylan, but adds: “I didn’t do anything inappropriate. I was in a room full of people watching tv in the afternoon”.

‘Apropos of Nothing’ is dedicated to Previn married in 1997 and claims that he does not regret anything that he did: “When things got tough and I was accused by all parties, asked me if I would have known what was going to happen would have wished to have no contact with Soon-Yi. Always replied that I would do it again in a heartbeat”, write.

The book is a personal account sincere and full of Woody Allen in your lifeannounced the editorial, “that covers everything from his childhood in Brooklyn, to his acclaimed career in film, theatre, television, print and the comedy of stand-up, in addition to exploring their relationships with family and friends”.

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In ‘Apropos of Nothing’, Allen has also found a place to talk about your former publisher. The filmmaker writes that Hachette had promised to keep his plan of publication, despite its status as a “a pariah toxic and a threat to society”. After the strike, organized by a dozen employees of the company to protest the publication of the book, Allen writes that the way in which it acted was not adequate: “I threw away the book as if it were a piece of Xenon 135”.