Yuliett Torres takes the sun (and all the stares are at the same site)


The instagrammer Yuliett Towers is known for his sensual photos and videos that have just swept across the Internet. The mexican has managed to build his career based on dedication and beauty. Has more than 5 million followers, which he has earned by his perseverance and charisma to the post.

A few days ago, posted a picture on his account of Instagram that it made her sigh to all his fans. For Yuliett is unclear what type of photos are the most provocative, with the pose indicated and very little to leave to the imagination.

That is why went out to take the sun and take vitamin D with a t-shirt and short shorts that left to the sight of your legs tonificadas. The light reflects on your skin in a way that makes it look shiny and healthy. His eyes are closed, showing their makeup in light tones, his nose snub appears profile and your cheeks with a pink tone clear pearl.

For its part, the influencer commented: I’m just clutching warmth thanks to these sunny days. Do you prefer cold or heat?. To which many fans agreed that no matter what the temperature, it looks spectacular.

The real charm and withering of Yuliett Towers

Has it all under their network, it is like a sorceress who has come to have the world stunned with its charms. He has experienced first-hand the success in the world of the Internet and know how to use it for his desires.

Yuliett Towers and their networks are in constant ascent. Your web site is very well known and his career takes a different angle from that shown in a way more real. Even shows occasionally faultslike when he shows up in a photo of the grain that he had in his chin, which makes a kind of Expectation vs Reality. This caused a lot of laughter and admiration for having the courage few have. You just need to see one time for your photos to be happy so fulminant.