Yuliett Towers it gives back to the Covid-19! Impossible not to look at all this!


The native of Jalisco, it is very easy to always look great. Yuliett Towers you are blessed by genetics, of course, with an extra help of each and every exercise routine. Thanks to that conjunction of genes and work, has a great popularity on the american continent.

In one of his more recent publications, can appreciate to the mexican giving it back to the camera. The outfit for this occasion is composed of a few jeans strech, a blouse in white fully upwind, a few boots of the same tone of the blouse, and a handbag Louis Vuitton. All of this occurs at the entrance of the Airport of Guadalajara, giving a gift to their fans that both admire.

What is coming? What or is going on? We don’t know, but what we are clear is that is not in compliance with the advice to guard against the pandemic that threatens the world. The Covid-19 is the reason why many people are in their houses unable to go out. Let’s hope that the model take early measures to protect yourselfso that in the future to continue providing your fans the pleasure of being able to see it.

Yuliett Towers and video clips

In addition to being the preferred in cyberspace, Yuliett is having a career in music videos that, apparently, does not stop. It is one of the favorite singers of the genre grupero and band traditional mexican, including: Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Banda Tierra, Miguel Galindo, a Key Band New, Holy, The Band Males, to name a few.

Its success is accountable for about 20 video clips in which you have participated as a protagonist. The mexican expands its portfolio of activities, growing each day at a professional level and giving your audience the option to view it in different artistic facets. To Yuliett Towers with its extraordinary beauty and personality in front of cameras, we expect many ambitious projects in the future.