Adele becomes obsessed with losing weight and fitness


Adele is a singer who came to fame wearing a size different. The fashion thin women seemed not to affected him. We saw a professional about the scenario that lucia proud at a size XL. The fame came to him not by his appearance, but by a voice completely overwhelming. Adele and her ‘Rolling in deep’ gave strength to all those people who thought that without a physical magazine could not be reached up to the top. From the top, the singer gazed at her body and decided to take action.

45 kilos less than Adele have brought her to the obsession

The surprise came a few weeks ago, the new image of Adele. The singer, initially for health reasons and not aesthetics, he decided to begin to take care of yourself. The exchange of food and style of life have managed to lose 45 pounds. A figure that it seems like it makes you happy to the singer and is beginning to generate negative comments.

Take care of yourself is something that is needed and more about health issues. Have extra pounds, is not synonymous with poor health. If Adele had no problem could have gone on wearing her size, while it is true that food and exercise are keys to staying well. The sedentary lifestyle causes some diseases and the junk food is not good for the body. On this basis he put hands to the work to end up with some bad habits.

Now Adele seems to be a new person that is able to do things that before could not. Go up the stairs and regular exercise, but some people close to her claim that is a little obsessed. As in everything it is best to let the body speak and it positions, be very aware of the food and the exercise can result in a troubling disorder. The scale is not important when the health is at stake.