Adele in danger is warned by the diet that leads


The diet of only a thousand calories a day, performed by Adele can bring health problems long term, according to specialists.

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According to Daily Mail, the expert Dale Pinnock reported that a low consumption of calories a day can cause irritability and foggy brain disorder that causes a cognitive dysfunction.

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“If you use the diet as a short-term goal, for example, lose weight for a wedding, you can have great benefits. It is not sustainable in the long term. After a time, the body will search for a way to do it with less the tasks which had previously been made with the most calories”, she explained.

The expert mentioned that the daily consumption of calories recommended for a person can vary between a thousand and 800, and 2 thousand.

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“The primal instinct of the body is survival. After a couple of weeks you’ll start to feel tired, irritable and having trouble remembering things. It passes quickly,” said Pinnock.

Dr. Zoe Williams supported the views of Pinnock, as he believes that a thousand calories a day are not enough for a person to be able to do their daily activities.

This is alarming because the british singer looks unrecognizable, and in fact was seen in the big party after the academy Awards last Sunday where he bragged about his new figure after her major weight loss.

The photo that circulated social networks was shared by the presenter of Russian tv, Kinga Rusin, in which there are both and looks beautiful with such a spectacular dress. Has been very little that has been known and seen Adele in the last year they decided to make a change completely radical getting to lose 63 kilos. After failed attempts of the paparazzi trying to capture her change, this was the first time that the performer poses for a camera.