Adele in the bones: fans worry about their extreme thinness


England.- An expert in aesthetics has revealed how Adele reported that the weight loss of 45 pounds has dramatically changed its face by allowing their traits to become more prominent, but their fans are worried about the big weight loss of the singer and fear for their health.

Dr. Chike, Medical Director of the Aesthetic Clinic Hampstead and Clinics, Dr. Chike, explained how the loss of fat and volume in the face of Adele has made her eyes more prominent and deepen your folds labial nasal, by making your bone structure is sharp and angular.

It is rumored that the british singer Adele, 31 years old, has lost 45 kilograms (100 pounds) in the last few months due to a controlled diet of calories of “green juice and 1000 calories per day”.

Meanwhile, the nutritionist Kate Llewellyn-Waters, author of ” The DNA Diet, has revealed that he believes that the appearance of more chiseled of Adele coupled with a healthy shine is the result of a diet rich in nutrients, packed with antioxidants, high in anti-inflammatory food.

The mother of a son revealed his amazing transformation on the birthday of Drake last October, after its separation from husband Simon Konecki, with whom he shares the seven year-old son, Angelo.

Speaking to Femail, Dr. Chike said: ` most of the people assume that losing weight will make you more beautiful, but what often happens is that it gives as a result the loose skin and aging”.

Adele has lost the roundness around the cheeks and jaw line, his features are more sharp and angular, characteristic signs of a loss of facial volume and fat.

‘Your crow’s feet have become more pronounced and their nasolabial folds have become deeper; these are all signs of a great loss of weight”.

When it is young, it still has the structures of strong ligaments, which means that their cheeks are well and still maintains the cheekbones; if higher, his cheekbones would have more offspring.

` You have lost volume and fat, but it has lost collagen or supporting structure due to its age, and the hollow areas could be improved since the loss of volume is not the effect of estrogen as happens with older clients. The quality of the skin of Adele will have changed and your eyes have become more prominent.

` Your face half is well preserved, but its bottom face has been affected, it looks a little more tired, that is the downside.

Adele in 2008.

‘Losing weight is good for your heart, but it can affect the physical appearance, around the periorbital area (around the eyes), where the eyes become prominent. There are more shadows, because her face has changed.

The texture of your skin should recover and his face would become younger as your diet to stabilize if you focus on diet and skin care.

Meanwhile, the nutritionist Kate Llewellyn-Waters of KLW Nutrition said: ‘diets can really affect the skin as we have seen with Adele”.

‘Losing weight has certainly slimmed down the face of Adele, as her cheekbones and the jaw line are now sharp and chiseled, which is an obvious sign of loss of facial fat.

‘Sometimes, significant weight loss can make some people make the jaw and cheeks are more angular, which can make some people look older. ‘The diet is very important for the health of the skin.”

If your lifestyle and your review dietary occur after the end of their marriage, a source told People that the real motivation for Adele was to be as healthy as possible for your child.

“It got to the point that he was not feeling well,” explained the source. “I knew that I had to change something, because you want to be the mother healthy as possible”.