AGAIN IN VENEZUELA – Katie Angel will sing this Monday at Covers


For its part, on Monday 27 January in the morning program of the channel of the hill, Venevision Covers, the magazine leader favorite of the audience of venezuela, will be presented the famous YouTuber, Influencer and singer creole Katherine Correia, better known as Katie Angel.

For its part, Covers up the week with the visit of the famous singer Katie Angel, who after the success of his first record production “Invincible” he presents his most recent topic “My Blessing”. In addition to singing and dancing to all, also will have of your upcoming projects and you will face the acuciosas questions of the journalists and entertainers.

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And on the other hand, alsowill arm props! when the panel of special guests, along with journalists and animators, talk about their impressions of the 62th edition of the Grammys. From the winners, performances, fashion, and even drivers.

In addition, this week the creole announced the upcoming presentations that take place within and outside of Venezuela, also talk about the premiere of their new musical themes for this year 2020.

Without a doubt, the singer promises to be a great figure in the world of music.

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