Alba Flores: “‘The house of paper’ is not a feminist series, not by a long shot”


In full pandemic of the coronavirus, the Resistance is about to return to save us. At least save us from boredom. Part 4 of ‘The house of paper’ comes to Netflix on April 3, and we have been able to talk about the series with Alba Flores and Darko Peric, who interpret to Nairobi and Helsinki. The actress has only one word on the coming episodes: “wow“.

In an interview by video conference that we have been able to keep up with the two actors, have told us how they came by the chemistry between their characters, that suddenly appeared in the first scene they shot together: “I believe that something occurred in that scene that made the writers a potential”recalls Flores.

For his part, the actor Serbian is very proud of how Helsinki, a gay man, has caught on among the public of his native country, despite the fact that there’s homophobia is very widespread: “I get messages from people who are very nationalistic and all that, saying “We love your character, no matter how gay””.

Feminism in ‘house of paper’

'The house of paper'

We have also had the opportunity to speak with Alba Flores on the aspect of feminist from Nairobi, something which the actress confesses that he has taken to take forward in a series with “much talk macho, even in the characters who in principle are not”. The actress talks about the evolution of Nairobi in a series that, he says, “it is not a feminist, not by a long shot”. “At the end of the day there is a speech, the men say outrageous things so macho in this series that it has a lot more weight”.

In addition, Flowers confesses that some actresses in the cast, had a meeting with the writers. “We said some things, and many of them took. The most important thing was that they themselves told us that they were aware that this was not a feminist series, because it is another thing”.

You have the full interview in the video, and ‘The house of paper’ Part 4 premieres in full on Netflix on April 3.