Alexa Dellanos and her underwear, raise the temperature on social networks


Looking quite sassy Alexa Dellanos decided to post a picture where it looks bold underwear. The model does not get tired to surprise their fans, so used to publish photographs risqué.

There is No doubt that your beauty has no equal, because any clothing that she may use it enhances your charms, and probably crazy to those who remain in their social networks.

Despite the fact that few publications on your Instagram, its million 800 thousand followers on Instagram are happy and the slope of each publication that makes the young.


The photo you shared Dellanos is in a bedroom sitting on a bed which seems to have a thematic “Romantic Pink”. Dellanos wore a gown of transparent and touching her hair Alexa is wearing underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination as it is quite tiny.

“Angel energy”, and the description Dellanos used in your publication, and delighted both to your followers that your publication has come to have a hundred thousand likes.


With just 24 years of age Alexa is proving little by little, their great virtues becoming his own base of followers, as is the daughter of the famous conductor Myrka Dellanos.

The physique of the young, it is really shocking, Alexa Carolina Loynáz Dellanos better known as Alexa Dellanos for being the daughter of Mryka has been excelling as an actress, but is also an entrepreneur and youtuber.

Personal data

Her mom is a journalist and tv presenter of cuban origin-american, recognized in Latin america for having been for many years the presenter of the famous television program of the chain Univision, First Impact.

Alexa also has a channel Youtube in the who enjoys communicating various situations, such as some photo sessions in which it participates.

However there is only account with 200 thousand followers, although it could increase if you follow up with engaging content.