Alexa Dellanos lets see what is under her dress on Instagram


Alexa Dellanos, the famous daughter of Myrka Dellanos, appeared in a dress so tight that noticed everything beneath it, that’s clear are your greatest attributes, because she was not wearing bra and it was a fabric super thin.

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Today, Alexa is a famous social networking that is dedicated to pamper its 1.9 million followers, who are impressed with the young man.

Photography is one of the last that went up to his Instagram official where the beautiful model appeared in a dress sky blue color super thin and short, with the one that showed much more of your chest than what you are accustomed to your followers, as it did not come with a bra underneath and left out certain details.

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In the image, Alexa is not seeing the camera, however, went on to all with her pose and her great curves with the sure raised the temperature of that that the obserrvó to detail. The publication takes just 60 thousand “likes” but sure to keep rising, because that has been highly liked and appreciated by their fans.

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His faithful fans were there to fill the box of comments and compliments and hearts, confesandole that you are in love with her, as they are aware of what a nice upload to your social networks. The popular model stands out for his impressive physique, however it is also a businesswoman and an entrepreneur, so it is one of the greatest prides of her mother, who supports her at all times.

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Myrka Dellanos is his mother, a journalist and tv presenter of cuban origin-american, recognized in Latin america for having been for many years the presenter of the famous television program of the Univision network, First Impact.

It is a beautiful woman and talented that has managed to conquer social networks, since, apart from being the daughter of the famous conductor, has also managed to get their public through their burning photographs.

Alexa has a youtube channel in which you enjoy having your day-to-day, as well as some photo sessions in which it participates, there only has 200 thousand followers, although it could increase if it is constant and continues to raise compelling content, something that is not ifícil for her.