Andrea Legarreta meets with his friends in spite of the coronavirus


The driver of the program Today, Andrea Legarretahad a meeting with his friends in spite of the contingency by the coronavirus, as this illness did not prevent him from being able to spend a while entertaining.

Andrea Legarreta published in your account Instagram an image that appears next to the four friends of the program Today, because in spite of the coronavirus do not miss the chance to see them and laugh a bit with them.

Andrea Legarreta published in his account of Instagram a photo where it appears Paul Stanley, Mauricio Mancera, el burro van Rankin and Chano jury, only that to avoid the spread of the covid-19 the meeting was via video call.

Andrea Legarreta presume this image as part of its campaign of awareness that this is a good time to hang out with friends but, through the use of technological tools.

Look at the picture of Andrea Legarreta

And is that Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo already been strongly criticised by risk supposed to be the coronavirus as they continue participating in the program Today, despite the contingency by coronavirus.

Except for work, or some matter of urgency, the rest of the time Andrea Legarreta kept house, and has been the host and one of the main promoters of the importance of staying at home to not further spread the disease covid-19, which currently affects more than 300 people in our country.

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So soon same Andrea Legarreta spend awhile very entertaining with their friends through video call, and with their family enjoying the time at home.