Angelina Jolie: “I have the last two months in the hospital with my daughters”


Usual secrecy about her personal life, Angelina Jolie has decided to make public the time dramatically, later lived a few problems health two of his daughters.

The actress has decided to tell you what happened, his daughters, on the occasion of the International day of the rights of women with a letter, published in Time. In the rows, and in black and white of the Jolie’s ex-wife Brad Pitt has decided that the name of the girl that you recently had health problems and told how, by the behavior of all of his children in this difficult moment, has just had to learn.

I have entered in the last two months and left the hospital with my daughter, and since a couple of days, I’ve seen his little sister a surgery to problems at the hip“wrote Angelina Jolie in a moving write posted on 8. March with the title “Because girls need love and respect“.

As a way to talk to the public, the lived problems, the entire family Jolie-Pitt in recent periods, the actress has decided to write this letter as proof that the love compared to the children born or adopted in the course of his marriage with colleague Brad.

In the letter, the written permission of the daughters have health problems and have in common the objective of the mother, because of you “understand that the management of medical problems and struggling to survive and to heal, is something to be proud of“Angelina of proceeded to tell, as all in the family, you are in a time difficulties.

I saw my daughters take care of each other. My minor daughter has learned to do,nurse with his sister, and then helped the next time – written by pride . I’ve seen all of my girls to give up everything and the first the a the other. I’ve heard that your joy in the service of those who love you“.

Also her brothers were there, along with pastries and help – it has clarified, Angelina Jolie .But in this International women’s day, the letter from the hospital, I find myself focalizzarmi to my daughters and everything I learned of you and the other girls I knew, the rest of the world“.

The letter from the Jolie, and there are also understand never, like Brad Pitt, has no participation in the Bafta in London and Cesar, where he was the guest of honor. The actor, in fact, seems to have preferred to remain bed of the daughters, by all of the public events on the program.