ANIME: does the Creator of Bleach thought that his return would be a failure?


Tite Kubo surprised on social networks with his recent statements about the continuation of their series Bleach the adaptation of anime on your 20th anniversary and your new manga Burn The Witch, which will be serialized in the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump along with a new movie.

Fans Tite Kubo have not stopped commenting on the return of Bleach after eight years of his last season carried the anime, but the creator of the manga series was the most impressed with the positive response to its projects, since all indicated that the news was well received by the public.

“It’s been so long that probably almost everyone forgot about the anime, and in fact I also forgot,” said the creator of the anime Bleach for the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, remembering that even they premiered a promotional video for what’s coming in 2021.

The new Tite Kubo

Although the wait time was long, Tite Kubo is excited for what the future holds for their projects, because in another publication revealed how he feels about the serialization of Burn The Witch and be back, at the side of the popular series of manga that are in the magazine WSJ.

“There is also the continuation of Burn The Witch that is not planned to serialize, and only I showed it to my family and friends, out of sheer curiosity. As a result, my editor saw it and told me to do a series, and the toghether. I will be drawing designs of manga and anime at the same time,” said Tite Kubo.

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“I think that will be interesting and in general a good job”