Antje Utgaard boasts of being ” the most!


How difficult is to make some of our famous at the time of trying to define them, sometimes it even falls short to the dictionary.

Antje Utgaard has a life infinitely more easy to spell her name and is dedicated to being actress although in reality it is quite most well-known by the size of your frontby the size is spent.

Bears not much in this world but from the moment that your physical saw the light the followers you have not been missed, nor the likes their publications, either.

Almost 2 million followers have the fault that Antje pose with no clothes on and with clothes that leave little to the imaginationand in view of the acceptance and listened to the applause, the actress has no intention of leaving it.

And if a few days ago Amanda Lee was crowned as the new indisputable queen of volume and the size of front today the american has occupied the hole that was already filled with Lee. Antje has won Amanda in sizein volume and in number, all of Antje is tremendous!

Or tops, or bikini or jackets can contain that amount of nature, the perfect excuse for our famous always appears that you can with what minimum on your curves.

Although from time to time surprising finding a garment appropriate to its sizecombining short films by up and shorts below, leaving the view of anyone who wants to see that dares, that the physical supports the short.

Amanda is very complicated to return to be considered what it was, and that came with a nature difficult to overcome. To Antje has not side do that, to see how much hold the position, which section in the pink everything is more ephemeral.