Ariana Grande falls on stage and the gaffe goes viral


He had recently made a name for itself having shown to the web his hair to natural. And, in the last hour, is again at the centre of gossip for a gaffe in which she was a protagonist on the stage of’Amalie Arena, where he held a concert last November 24. It is undoubtedly one of the pop star with the most loved by young people today, especially for its vocals live and its movements on the stage. But, in the course of the show on Sunday, Ariana Grande is accidentally fall to the ground, while he tried to enthrall the audience stepping with step feline towards her dancers. At the time of the incident, the Great, as is his wont show up on the stage, sported curves in a revealing outfit and wearing heels.

The gaffe the pop star, 26, took place on the stage of the Sweetener World Tour, has become viral in the network. The images of the fall of Ariana Grande have tons of likes and comments in a short time, on social. And with the followers, the star wanted to share the moment of his fall, retwittando a video that a loyal fan had posted on Twitter first. The movie in question contains the exclusive pictures of what happened in the live-show, Ariana held in Tampa, Florida, after being away from the stage because of a recent malaise. “Oh my… at least I are once again distinguished,” wrote the Great margin of the fall, in the description of his retweet became viral. I am crying. Things were going too well…”. “

Shortly after he lost his balance, Ariana Grande had commented on his gaffe for the first time, thanking the fans from the stage. “Thanks for having me made her feel loved before, when I fell – it was so facing the american singer to the audience, and then let escape a loud laugh -. It had to happen that I fell. I have performed in 87 show and not a fall, it had to happen then”.

Ariana Grande resumes: the Sweetener World Tour starts again

According to what has been reported from the site, etonline, Ariana Grande she’s back to performing on stage a week after they announced the cancellation of the show scheduled in Lexington, Kentucky. The Sweetener World Tour is, in fact, broken down Sunday, November 24, when, that is, the Great has performed in Florida.

“Hello to all my dear, are very ill -had reported his most recent Instagram story, Ariana Grande-. I’m down to the strings since the last concert given in London (mid October). I don’t know how this could be possible, but I have a sore throat and head. My voice is okay, but I have so many aches and it’s hard to breathe on stage. I’m going to see my doctor, and I will try to do everything possible to stay in sight of the next show. The last thing I would do would be to cancel a show, in this moment of the tour”.

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