Ariana Grande kisses a mysterious guy. Is the new boyfriend?


Nothing confirmed, but Ariana Grande may have a new love.

The singer was photographed on a Saturday evening in sweet company with a mysterious guy, in a bar in Northridge, in the San Fernando Valley, near Los Angeles.

ariana grande charlies

Apparently Ariana are not thought to be followed by the paparazzi, and the kiss is finished online. For a long time, the singer is absent from the scene for a break after 2 albums in a row, and now we would be enjoying the time to have a normal life with his friends.

Who she was kissing Ariana?

The guy with which was view Ariana Grande is currently unknown. It seems that some support the case of the singer of the Social House, which Ariana has worked with, a certain Mike Foster.

The witnesses still don’t know how to tell if it’s him.

Love unfortunate

In recent years, Ariana has not lived the happiest moments in love. The death of her former boyfriend Mac Miller definitely has marked highly, not to speak of the other reports, unfortunately, badly finished. Who knows that this stranger is not the beginning of some satisfaction sentimental to her.