Ariana Grande, on social the preview of a new single and the invitation to stay at home


Ariana Grande announces the arrival of a new single, and urges fans to stay home to fight coronavirus

Ariana Grande gives a little surprise to her fans by making available the preview of a new song. The pop star posted on social a small excerpt with a message addressed to all: “i miss making things, can’t wait to get back to work but for now let’s stay inside pls” (Missing be busy, I can’t wait to get back to work. But, for the moment, please stay at home). Also Ariana Grande and then joins to the message that many Italian and international artists are spreading thanks to social. The fight against the Coronavirus involves the whole world and thus even the pop star he wanted to hear his voice. The same singer had written in the previous days: “I continue to hear from an incredible amount of people phrases like: ‘it’s Not a big problem’, ‘there will happen nothing’, and all of this makes me literally go crazy. See what is happening, not pretend of nothing. It is incredibly dangerous and also very selfish to take this situation lightly. The fact of saying ‘we’re young, there can happen nothing’ is putting in danger the people that are not young. Should you be concerned of others”.

The duet with Childish Gambino

The extract of the song posted by Ariana Grande it should be produced by the Rascals, according to rumors published by various newspapers in the us. The duo has already worked with the pop star for the song “Yours Truly”, released in 2013. Meanwhile, just a few days ago was announced the collaboration of Ariana Grande with Childish Gambino. The artist has released on the 22nd of march, his new album “3.15.20” and between the songs there is also “Time”, produced by Childish Gambino with Ariana Grande.

The success of Ariana Grande

The 2020 is off to a huge start for Ariana Grande. The songs “7 Rings” and “Thank U, Next,” they have reached the billion streaming on Spotify. Thanks to these exploits, the artist is the first and only female singer to have achieved this milestone with songs from the solo. In February, she appeared in the second episode of the second season of the tragicomedy “Meantime – The fantastic world of ” Mr. Pickles” with Jim Carrey. Finally, it was announced his participation in the series &Music, a project that involves numerous stars of the music that tell the story of how they are made for hit and performance.