Attention! The vegetables that when you eat you produce this without your knowing it



March 25, 2020
(13:21 CET)

Few days ago there was a curious photo that was appearing in all the social networks, memes, and sure that the you have seen on some message from WhatsApp. In it there was a supermarket where the only thing that had not been among the vegetables was the broccoli. And is that this food has a bad press.

However, despite the fact that people don’t like broccoli what is certain is that a vegetable that you are interested in consuming for the benefits it has for our organism.

There are many reasons why that doesn’t win this food, it seems that the taste, texture or smell are often the excuses we use for not eating broccoli, but there are few nutritionists who advise us that what we take regularly.

Positive things about broccoli

Has a strong smell, due to the sulfur that is, it causes stamina more time without spoilso that is a great vegetable for these days of quarantine.

Vitamin C in high amounts. In fact, it has more than oranges. So that becomes one of the great antioxidants that we can find in the supermarkets.

We it lowers the level of bad cholesterolsomething very positive for our heart. It will not clog our blood flow and that improves our circulation, and we anticipate cardiovascular diseases.

It also provides us with insoluble fiber, which helps to control fats and sugars of our body.

It has a component called sulforaphane that helps to remove cells that may cause cancer. In addition to its consumption helps especially in the prevention of prostate cancer.

If you are still without convincing the broccoli after this string of beneficial properties, it may not be your food.