Bachelorette and her friends: Adele, Jennifer Lawrence


If in the world of the stars there is a some of your friends of the love, pure, unconditional love, is the consists of Adele and Jennifer Lawrencefor a long time by leaps and bounds in honor of the chronicle as a BFF from the very.

The last news, which sees the protagonist, is the bachelorette party as queen, aka as a bride-to-be, Jennifer Lawrence. The actress, in fact, convolerà wedding with Cooke Maroney in short, even if you don’t know exactly when. In the meantime, preparations are in full swing. According to the rumors Adele you deal personally with some aspects, such as a trusted friend should do.

The bachelorette”, the girlfriend Adele to Jennifer Lawrence

An insider revealed The Sun how the singer has taken soooo much seriousness, commitment and how he hard work to be a celebration to organize, and memorable worthy of the after-party of the Oscars. Only a little leaked, but the statements of the sources, which promise to be very good, “Adele wanted to organize something for Jennifer and began to send invitations to the party. At the moment all top secretbut the guests gradually, the invitations and it seems that there is a bargain wild“. Added to this is a note. Between the guests could be always selected The Sun, Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

Already we are excited, because we know what Adele and Jennifer Lawrence are capable of when they bring together. A long time ago, for example, were intercepted, to do that, reveling in a gay bar in New York, where the fans were going crazy, because the two have been unable to resist the unhealthy lure of the karaoke and they were thrown away and on the race track, together with the occupants of the room.

Adele, seems to be also the harvest question by Jennifer Lawrence. A month ago, the actress he had explained in the podcast by Catt Sadler “I Thought I didn’t want a bachelorette party, then at the last minute I decided to do this. No one, but it was available at the last minute. So I started to cry. I thought I didn’t ‘even know why I’m crying’. I didn’t even know, to want an engagement party. I felt very pathetic”.

For us everything is wonderful and we have to ask ourselves just why we also we received an invitation for the bachelor party, the friend of Adele organized Jennifer Lawrence.

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