BEAUTIFUL – Jose Ramon Barreto was showcased on the red carpet at the Cana Golden Festival


José Ramón Barreto it is undoubtedly one of the most successful venezuelans abroad, so found once more in your step by the Cana Golden Festival.

Many were the venezuelans who were invited on this occasion to Punta Cana, Dominican Republicfor the great event of the Cana Golden Festival, where awarded the arts film and television around the world. One of the actors venezuelans that moved through there was the most beloved by all José Ramón Barreto, who wore spectacular and earned several compliments.

“In the red carpet @canadoradafestival Day 2”wrote the venezuelan artist in the photograph where he wears a three-piece suit in white and black designer Gustavo Moscoso.

In addition to his impressive style, his charisma and talent, made quickly the image will fill of I like, reaching 45 thousand before the 24 hours of its publicationtogether with thousands of comments from their fans as always, that the creole has published some image do not hesitate to drop your thoughts.

José Ramón is not the only creole that is found in the Cana Golden Festivalsince it is also accompanies it Irene Esser, Osmel Sousa, Osmariel Villalobosamong other famous.

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