Becky G taught, are enormous and does in the bed. Attention to the photo


March 25, 2020
(12:23 CET)

Becky G has managed to get a sponsor quite important in these last days and has celebrated with a publication in your account Instagram in which she’s told all of his fans.

In the publication, you can see the singer of Latin origin in his bed with a kind of pajamas and a new pair of glasses that have not gone unnoticed by his followers.

And is that up until now had not been seen by a few as large a Becky G has always had a taste for the mounts.

Happy socks

During the past two years Becky G has become one of the singers most famous in the world, putting themselves on the level of the greats such as Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and the rest of the top.

However, their first album, ‘Bad Santa’ has not had the success you expected, and after creating a big hype what is certain is that not even the reproductions have been enough to justify so much spending on marketing.

In fact, his great hit that has the same name as the album “only” has had 140 million views and not even one of their 5 songs more views on Youtube.

Becky G already went frog collaboration J-Hopewith whom I thought I was going to raze it and didn’t get a few figures too large return and it seems that their first album is following the same progression.

Now the american singer has a few months to reflect on and perhaps change the strategy.