BROKE THE SILENCE – Marko Music will send a message to the models venezuelan who went to Tulum (+VIDEO)


Marko Perez laughed at all the models venezuelan blessed and fortunate that we went to Tulum and left them with a press release.

After the controversy of all “narcomodelosfound in the festivals of music Tulum next to men corrupt, the influencer and comedian, venezuelan Marko Music, took the opportunity to give his opinion about the topic.

Therefore, in sardonic Marko said to the venezuelan: “My warriors are spiritual do not fall in to comment or respond, remember this: Tulum who it is? , people of peace” also, you hinted that it was better to give it to an old man with money to an offender.

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After playing with the controversy, expressed his personal point of view, stating: I am a woman and the guy I like invites me to Tulum, it’s going to take that much cuc* in Tulum that coming out will buy a ticket for next year.

Finally, Irrael also joked with Marko telling him that he would be the prepaid more guest-of-Tulum, to which he replied that his economic situation would not even reach Orlando, Florida.

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