Buffalo, channeled, with the articles of the registered title: the new frontier of the Fake News


Of spreading false news with a link to a newspaper reliably. And’ this is the last frontier, the makers of the Fake News, the via the link to a article from AGI.de in a note, the accused in the head your article, has stated:

Dear reader, if you got here by a message of panic under, before you should know that this article has no connection with what they read, in short. This is a service of the political reporting of the 28. in February, the shows correctly, as decided by the Italian Parliament in relation to wiretapping. This article is true, what you have read before, it is wrong.

Here is the fake message spread via whatsapp:

From tomorrow, new rules of communication:
All conversations are recorded.
Be logged, and the logs of the telephone conversations.
All messages and phone calls, WhatsApp to be registered.
Monitoring of Twitter.
Monitoring of Facebook.
Follow all of the social networks and forums.
All the devices are with the systems of the Department of services, interception of the government of CDMX.
Caution do not send any messages or information, which is not necessary in contradiction to applicable laws and the customs and traditions.
Avoid exchanging confidential information with friends and family.
You say to your children, and be very careful! Very!
It is important to pass on this message and only today, because tomorrow it will be a different kind of observation.
Unbelievable, but true.
Today send in all your relatives and friends.
“Everything you write or say can be used against you, even if it’s a joke!”
For those who don’t know.

Here is the link to the article chronik-agi.de is: https://www.agi.it/politica/news/2020-02-28/intercettazioni-legge-novita-7247955/

Photos trol1 of Pixabay