BY IGNORANT – Twitter deletes a publication of Mature where recommended herbs medicinal for the cure of the Coronavirus


For its part, in recent days, the social network of Twitter, one of the microblogging world’s largest, deleted a Tweet from the official account of the leader of the regime of Nicolas Maduro in which he recommended to the venezuelan several recipes natural healing of the coronavirus.

⠀Turn, and according to what was expressed Paula Ramón, correspondent of the Agence France-Presse, and who also criticized what happened, “The tweet was against the rules“.

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If he had doubts dictator the serious mistake that was made, Ramón concluded his message by saying: “Meanwhile in Venezuela, the account of Nicolas Maduro distributes ‘interesting articles of an outstanding scientist venezuelan’, who states that the coronavirus is a weapon of bioterrorism and that can be cured with remedies“, he said.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that in the country there is, supposedly, 84 cases confirmed in several states of the country and that are already being adequately cared for and away from any link with other people.

Drafting of Gossip Vzla with information and the source of the portal news web daily The National.