Capture new photos of Adele in leggings unrecognizable and thin


The Singer Adele returned to make mischief to appear in new pictures that have shown the way in which it has lost weight.

The paparazzi don’t stop being vigilant of the interpreter Rolling In The Deep. Everything after that went to the light, a first photo where the singer looks slim and the face changed.

From that, fans of Adele have been determined by following in the footsteps of the singer. In this way, have managed to capture the changes of the famous.

One of the crucial moments for fans is when were able to see the famous street with a suit-type Sport in the past few days.

In the picture you can see the artist walking with his phone in hand. On his head is a black hat and his clothing is leggings with a jacket sports. This sporty Look will accompanies a few shoes that combine with the rest of her clothes.

The focus of these images allow us to see that the famous now has a flat abdomen that makes that highlight your curves. Your face looks just as thin.

According to international media, sources close to the famous have pointed out that she has lost 45 pounds in the last few months. Among the reasons she lost weight, is the fact that you are concerned for your health and for being an example for your little one.

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