Catch Adele out of control while holding a discussion telephone


Adele has been making the news for issues that have nothing to do with his artistic work. If a few weeks ago the reason was her physical change, since lost about 30 pounds, then what was his appearance in the celebrations of other celebrities.

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Now has become has to happen. And is that the artist he was photographed in the middle of the street in a situation that is a compromise: having a discussion over the phone.

It is not known who was the person who Adele was talking about, but the view is, after seeing the images captured by the paparazzi, the singer was very angry, and that the partner received a few shouts of his own.

To the naked eye difficult to recognize the singer, already carrying a sweatshirt with the hood set and a long coat to the ankles. When he finally discovered the head, Adele showed off a hairstyle that not until now we had seen: a two-braids style boxer on the head, picks up The Avant-Garde.

The discussion by phone he held to his arrival at the Heathrow airport after a flight from Los Angeles, Thursday afternoon. The photos are viralizaron quickly through social networks.