Celebrity Rita Ora promoting her single ‘How to be Lonely’ in London.


Despite the fact that the streets of London are deserted, Rita Ora decided to go yesterday at your appointment on the radio to promote your new single How to be lonely. And he did it with one of those looks that raise passions, controversy and a lot of fire. Well, at least for a while, helps us to focus the attention to something other than the Coronavirus.

Because the stylist that you chose yesterday celebrity it is to analyze with a magnifying glass. Since these pants bell made in crochet, that we do not know if you look at the cut-outs under the buttocks or in that “Paris” embroidered in the purest style Juice Couture. And no, the pants is not the only protagonist of this look as launched and characteristic of Rita Ora.

rita ora look

The singer climbed up the ante with a jacket hood, two-tone: in front, black patent leather and back suede in tone-camel. And below a body whole body white, which evolves from a neckline halter, leaving the hips in the air and down the inside of the thighs to create a sobrecapa very ochentera and bold.

rita ora look

But this was not all, because Rita Ora always enjoy bringing their fashion choices to the extreme, more risky. That’s why the star opted for a permanent platinum blonde, a pair of sunglasses XL, taconazos black and a bunch of hanging silver forming a waterfall. Your boldness gives us life in times like these!

Photos | Gtres.


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