Celia Lora upload new photo scrubbing their boobs in a glass-with NO CLOTHES!


Celia Lora it is one of the playmates most important in Mexico, and day after day it teaches us their photos most ardent through your account Instagramsuch was the case of this 25 of march in which he adores showed an image in which she appears kneeling in a mirror with the boobs without garment of any kind.

In such a photograph the daughter of rocker Alex Lora appears totally without clothes and scrubbing their attributes in front of a mirror that makes us see a very hot, picture which delights the eye of the male audience that follows the famous Instagram.

And is that Celia Lora gained popularity by posing without clothes for a magazine of the knights, where the male audience got to revel in the voluptuous figure of Celia Lora, who surprises us today with the picture where your boobs appear natural.

Although Celia Lora challenges the censorship on Instagram, always looking to show only what is essential, without going over, so that the pictures can remain in the social network, and that are not removed or withdrawn because of the content.

Look at the picture of Celia Lora

Celia Lora got hundreds of “likes” in just a few minutes after the publication, and only because it has blocked the comments section, his followers have not been able to be admitted to some of the comments relating to your enviable figure.

The daughter of Alex Lora has over 5 million on Instagram, which lists as one of the playmates most famous in Mexico.

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Celia Lora despite her beauty, is a woman very controversial, in fact it has been stopped previously by “disturbances in the public right of way” to not respect the police in Quintana Roo.