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Photo: Reference

Photo: Reference

Chepa Candela

¡¡Happy “juernes” for everybody!! Yyyy in this 16 of January (I cónfiros!, and we went to mid-January), I say again here I am by if not I have ever seen!!!, rn this rapid typing, leaving my fingers belching smoke and my poor nails all escarapeladas… But as “scabies with pleasure doesn’t itches”, this Hump is here, enjoy the noble and highly valued mission to bring them up to the “day” with the events farandulero… So entering in the field step to tell you that in social networks, ique, there is a “hand hairy” who wants to finish putting the fire to the already completed relationship of the NINOSKA VASQUEZ with her “sugar daddy” the entrepreneur is the “rode” and she was like a queen… ¡¡Síiii, gentlemen!!… There are networks throughout a campaign that aims to make it striped (any more) to the guara in question to ensure that I was in Tulum giving up down and without kneepads “hunting” males, and by charging for certain favors, like other models venezuelan who gathered in an event that ended in a stab, kick and kung fu… Eye!, yes it is true that muuuuchaaasss went to work the second “front”, but from there to get to Vasquez in that bag is something else… The truth of the matter is that yes, those two ended up and yes, there are those who want to see the head where it has the feet… just the Scare! That is why he has taken over space in the social networks with dimes and bickering, comments invented and others who has said the now former spouse…

Yyy by varying the “parling”, I bato, preparing the drums, cymbals, fanfares, and other parnafernalia to receive again and after a few years the J BALVIN… The same dresses and shoes! Calls powerfully the attention that the colombian come to the country just when his ex, the Osmariel Villalobos, go prowling again on home soil and after cutting of legs that were given, but even more so after the divorce with the “daddy, daddy,” Juan Pablo Galavis… What a Reunion in sight or that “pair of two” already left the past behind and only match in the visit of the interpreter?…back to the topic that we are interested in, the above will be a few days in Venezuela, and it is said, some say, and hear that will give the press conference and everything… we’ll see to that bunch of “ye were come forth out” of Televen peeling the veneers to see if they rise to the man… Or Venevision out in a row for the respective task… it Modestly, mijas, who demonstrates the no hunger eat!…

Yyyy before lowering the santamaria will endeavor that before the new measures that threaten the stability of GLOBOVISION (now compare with the Titanic because it would be a moment to sink), more than one of the presenters, anchors and other costumes is to think of “chop the ropes” before you continue to be talent and the image of the channel Florida… So as you read it!…. Strong and insistent are the rumors of the wave of resignations of Balloonthat comes rolling because “the mass is not pa’ buns”… and no one wants to put their neck on the guillotine that means similar sanctions, they could continue splashing more people… The truth of the matter is that many expect the 21 of January to see what will happen, what will be the future of their jobs …and, above all, whether it will be in the signal DirecTV or not, although muuchooosss already know the answer…peeerooo for caution does not want to open their respective mouths “is not going to be a thing”… it Baaaayyy!


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