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Photo: Reference

Photo: Reference

Chepa Candela

Buueeenaaaas queridillos and queridillas!… And on this Thursday of quarantine, once more, I say it aaaquuuíii I have! list, providing, and willing to batirles the most calientico of the “movida farandulera” that always gives cloth to cut, sew, and embroider… So that“avanti” with the gossip! I bato the OSMARIEL VILLALOBOS not have how erased the line that is tattooed above then invite your followers to follow a digital application where you can apply for the modest sum of $ 50 with a personalized greeting from her; this guide as a sample of its new enterprise digital… iUhhm juuum!…

The above thought that with this announcement was going to fill the pockets of good wool, and more of what was won in less than what sings a rooster is a countless amount of criticism for charging to simply say: “Epa! What was there”… But as the Osmariel says “don’t have a hair of silly” A-H-O-R-A (just after receiving more stick than cat thief), “espepita” that money is requested only and exclusively non-profit, the stew (iiidigooo!!!) that the “innocent call” is to help charities and social work, and that never ever jamaces wanted to squeeze out the pockets of their followers and detractors…

Yyy forward, ganzo, I bato that he is getting enough juice to the so called quarantine (and not to go idle in social networks ) is the creole DANIEL SARCOS, who is of icabeza, trunk, and limbs by studying the speeches of a play that will premiere for “thither” in the Dominican Republic from 21 June, if it is, the nefarious virus that today haunts us has already been erased for the time of “tutta” the face of the earth… My consequential and other efficient sources of international I blew on the leg of the ear that the temple of the animator and actor of yore will be called the Beloved of the night and hence the “Danielito” be construed to be a police officer disrupted that goes by the name of Paco… This “tombo” “ique” will investigate a murder mystery where he is also listed as a strong suspect in the “merequetengue”…

Yyy before lowering the “santamaria” for the day today – taking into account that there are restricted hours and up to curfew, in this country, your country, my country – I want to give my deepest condolences to the compadre and the rib of RICARDO MONTANER, who “cacareó” in their social networks, the unfortunate loss of his cousin Carlos Rodríguez, a person who died in the city of Madrid in the wake of the coronavirus… Montaner said that Carlos was a lover of the entertainment world in particular he liked to be with all in the field of music, and with full affection will remember it in those moments where there was “down” with “tutto” whatever it is that will sound to opera… iPaz to your soul!… By the way, my rib (the Dickie) made an appeal to consciousness (as we have done many) is to ask that group of unconscious that still laugh of the referred disease, that comply with the so-called quarantine with seriousness and responsibility… Those who are still taken the issue as “guachafa” and live stand and exposing many on the street, that is achanten in their homes, to endure the peeling of the closure as we have done several on this planet, to is storm of the pandemic to last as long as a “gauze” in a chinchorro… But that the laws world to abide by the “cackle” and the suggestion that it expressed the “papacito riiiicoooo” of CHRISTIAN MEIER, actor who used their social networks to say that they deserve to be prisoners, those who break the rules and sanitary measures against the coronavirus, that without the right to footfall should be “encanados” and under keys to not follow sabotaging the work that they are doing the governments, doctors, and police of the world… iUy, this is gone!… iAsi that, chao, guuur baaaay!


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