Clara Alvarado, actress of ‘The house of paper’, works as a nurse to combat coronavirus


The solidarity of these last few weeks has been really touching. We have seen our actors and actresses national to be involved to curb the expansion of the coronavirus. The actress Clara Alvarado, with training as a nurse, has decided to return to this profession to help combat this pandemic.

So has announced its agency of communication. Clara Alvarado played Ariadne in the first season of ‘house of paper’the hostage-protected Berlin (Pedro Alonso). In the photo that you have shared we can see that is working in the University Hospital La Paz, Madrid, this being the Autonomous Community most affected.

Clara Alvarado 'The house of paper'

The actress has not been the only in return to be part of the health staff in this crisis. According to reports The Country, Health has hired 50,000 professionals to help decrease the saturation of hospital. These are medical professionals, retirees, graduates without square and even students in their final year.

Also on the 14th of march, lto influencer Madame Rosa informed his followers that he was returning to work as a nurse. Angela (his real name) was also helping at the Hospital of Peace. Sadly, it has been reported that it is infected COVID-19 and by the time you are unable to continue to perform its work: “What we only want is to recover soon to return to the hospital and help”.

Becomes ‘The House of Paper’

‘The house of paper’ is back with its Part 4. The new season comes to Netflix on April 3. On this occasion, we will see if the band gets out healthy and saves the Bank of Spain. The latest teaser has given us many hopes but he has also left in doubt. Alba Flores (Nairobi) and Darko Peric (Helsinki) ensures that this season will reign the chaos.