Courteney Cox is going through the quarantine by watching ‘Friends’: “it Is really good!”


Many years have passed since Courteney Cox played for the last time as Monica Geller in ‘Friends’. The actress has revealed in the program of Jimmy Kimmel I do not remember almost anything that happened in the series, but that is taking advantage of all the time of the quarantine to be up to day by seeing it and in addition ensures that it is “really good,”.

“People love the series, so during this time, I decided to watch ‘Friends'”said the actress in the american programme. “I just started the first season. It is really good!”. Cox also said that he gets nervous when someone asks you to do a trivial with questions of ‘Friends’ because I really don’t remember almost nothing: “Or I would remember having been in the series. I have such bad memory”, he said. “I remember loving to all, obviously, and to have fun. And I remember certain moments of my life in which I was there, but I don’t remember the episode (…). Failure in each question”revealed the actress.

To find out if it really is this truth that says, the presenter of the live prepared a mini contest that pitted a big fan of the series against Cox. To make it a little more easy to the actress, only was asked questions about Monica Gellerhis character in the comedy, but even so managed to win the fan. “At the end of this quarantine I’m going to know a lot more”concluded Cox.

Courteney Cox David Schwimmer Friends

His opponent in the game you defeated 5-0 by correctly answering questions from what were the names of the parents of Monica up to what was your first kiss. “What Ross (brother of Monica) was my first kiss? What chapter was that?”asked Cox confused as we feel seeing that chapter.

What is clear is that with all the time that still lies ahead of us this quarantine it is possible that Cox comes to see all the seasons of the series and become the biggest fan.

The reunion of the protagonists

Maybe what we need Courteney Cox is to meet again with the cast of ‘Friends’ to remember everything they lived together. The long awaited reunion after more than 15 years since the end of the series is to become a reality, but due to the coronavirus, we will have to wait a little longer to see it.

The special meeting of the ‘Friends’ should be being recorded, however due to the concern for the crisis of global health, the shooting has been delayed until may at the earliest. This special chapter will bring together Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer in the scenario of the original series. It will be an episode without guionizar in which the cast master will talk about how they felt they the series. You have 10 seasons of ‘Friends’ available on HBO Spain, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.