Cristina Pedroche opens her legs and teaches you all of that! Spain’s setback in hours


March 25, 2020
(13:44 CET)

To Cristina Pedroche we like to go boasting of virtues. Especially since it is not “Whale of Vallecas” or the “Pedroche Tocha”.

Then the collaborator of Zapeando lucia a few extra pounds and not be exposed so much. It was not the girl of the Chimes. Not protagonizaba promotions of perfume making topless. Ni published photos in social networks in which it appears without any clothes on with only half a body stuck in a swimming pool.

Cristina Pedroche, unleashed

But since I began to lose weight, we have got used to see the wife of David Muñoz with light clothes and with transparencies, or directly without anything.

And as long as you can, well that makes. In the end, it’s your body and you can do with it what you want. Although the networks many critique often “teach you more of the account” with comments such as “If we do not remove the clothing does not sell”.

A physical aspect that has cost Pedroche a few hours in the gym, as well as a few sacrifices in your diet. And also in your yoga sessions. It is common to see in the account of Instagram of the vallecana snapshot in which it appears doing different positions of this discipline. And the results are noticeable.

The picture of Cristina Pedroche to animate the quarantine

For example, in the last snapshot that hung in her account Instagram, A position that stands on a single leg, with the other open at an angle and leaving clear the results acquired as a yogi.

“Trying to take the joy of good times. Recalling much. Realizing how fast they lived. Valuing each laugh, each hug, each kiss that she gave and received. Will. It will all come back. But I have changed. I hope,” writes Cristina.