Cuba confirms 10 new cases of coronavirus, the total is 67


Cuba reported on Thursday 10 new cases of coronavirus in the country, what lift the total number to 67. The Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) further confirmed the second because of the COVID-19, a Russian citizen of 45 years.

In Cuba there are entered in isolation centres 1.603 patients, of them 148 foreign and 1.455 cuban. Other 36.056 people are in their homes under the surveillance of the service of Primary Health Care.

Data on the impact of coronaviruses in Cuba

Of the total infected, there are only a citizen foreign. It is a Russian citizen, 48 years old, that came to the country last march 12 from France. “He was in contact with a Russian citizen who was positive to the disease the past day 22”, prayed to the release.

Went to the main Clinic “Cira García” and was sent to the IPK as a suspected case. Is isolated and presents a satisfactory outcome so far.

There is also a cuban of 49 years that resides in the La Lisa municipality, province of Havana. In your case presented symptoms catarrhal the 19th of march, and two days later was admitted to the Institute of Tropical Medicine “Pedro Kourí”. He has been in contact with a canadian citizen that was positive to the disease.

In these moments evolve in a favorable way and isolated.

Another of the infected is a cuban, 55, who resides in the municipality of Old Havana, Came to the Island on the 17th march from the united States and the 21st day went to his area of health after presenting “symptoms catarrhal”. It was referred to the Hospital, “Luis Díaz Soto”, remains isolated with satisfactory progress up to the moment.

In the province of La Habana, specifically in the town Square, also lies another of the infected by the virus. It is a cuban of 76 years I had symptoms on day 18 and went 20 to the area of health. He has been in contact with a canadian who was also infected. Was referred to the Hospital, “Luis Díaz Soto”, where it remains isolated with satisfactory progress.

Among the new infected figure a cuban of 85 years, which resides in the municipality of Morón, province of Ciego de Avila. He came to the largest of the Antilles on the 17th of march from Orlando. Is entered, although no detailed public health is, and presents a “satisfactory outcome”.

Another of the women concerned is a woman of 36-year old who resides in the municipality of Matanzas. “Is contact of the two cases previously confirmed in this township, was detected with respiratory symptoms and was isolated in Hospital Mario Muñoz Monroy”, explained the authorities.

In the same municipality lies another of the infected, a cuban of 44 years it is isolated in the same enclosure sanitary. In this case presented with respiratory problems while he was in the isolation center. Evolves in a satisfactory way.

In the province of Matanzas there are two infected more by the COVID-19. A cuban, of 31 years, who lives in the municipality of Cárdenas. In his case came country on the 21st of march from Guyana, experienced symptoms on the day 22 and 23 last, and was detected with respiratory symptomatology by your family doctor. Immediately was sent to the Hospital “Mario Muñoz Monroy”, where it remains isolated with satisfactory progress up to the moment.

The other infected is a cuban of 44 years who lives in the same municipality. He arrived in Cuba on 14 march from the French city of Marseille, and is admitted in the same hospital. “He has not had symptoms during their admission, remains admitted with satisfactory progress up to the time”, said the MINSAP.

The list is closed by a cuban of 37 years of age, resident in the municipality Placetas, province Villa Clara. Arrived in the country on march 20 from Miami. He started with symptoms on day 21 and the 22 went to the Hospital “Manuel Fajardo”, where she was admitted. Remains entered with satisfactory progress up to the moment.

Among the 67 patients diagnosed with the disease there is a patient in cuba, 38 years of age, that reached the greater Antilles from Italy and is in serious condition. Is admitted to the Hospital “Octavio de la Concepción and Pedraja”.

The authorities of the Island, detailing that, until now, there have been 893 samples to detect the COVID-19.

Before the health crisis that prevails, the Cuban Government closed the borders and only allows the output of the tourists and the input of the residents on the island. It also ordered the suspension of classes, but remain open circles child.