Dani Rovira announces that he has cancer and is receiving chemotherapy


In the midst of the pandemic of coronavirus, this news is a blow extra. Dani Rovira has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of cancer of lymph nodes. The actor of ‘Eight surnames basques’ and ‘Superlópez’ was announced in an extensive and honest publication on Instagram, showing a picture of his first chemotherapy session.

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A week ago I have been diagnosed with, but had already spent months dragging some tiredness and discomfort. If I decide to make this public is because, for good or for bad, I am a public figure. And before the start of the circus of speculation and sensationalism in certain press and on social networks, I prefer to be I the main source of information. I have cancer. Already has first name and last name: HODGKIN’s LYMPHOMA. Today is my first day of chemo and ahead of a long struggle against the “bug”. I am not afraid. I am calm. I’ll take these months a backpack, maybe, a bit heavier in times of uncertainty, fears, and pandemic. But I’m not lacking energy and desire to get ahead of this. It has a good prognosis and the doctors have given me very good feelings. Yes, I will be part of this high-risk population when the defenses and the immune system begin to fallarme in a few days, so I will have to take care of myself, take care and let me take a bit more care. We will be fighting and protecting us at home, with my three perretes and with my life partner, Clara. I love “telematics” of my family and my friends. I am in the hands of a medical wonderful. I trust blindly in them. Only I ask you to continue as until now. Cuidándoos each other. Adding solidarity, humour, humanity… and For my part, we will continue rolling up their sleeves from home. The humor and love is our best prescription. All this will pass. Encouragement to all in these difficult times. But so are the challenges, to overcome them and the lessons learned will make us be better people. As he said in his day my favorite hero: #SiempreFuerte ??? I want to.

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Rovira ensures that your case has good prognosis and the doctors transmitted “very good feeling”. Even so, the actor has to be extremely careful these days to not be infected of COVID-19. “I will be part of this high-risk population when the defenses and the immune system begin to fallarme in a few days”, ensures.

With the positivism that characterizes him, Rovira has urged its followers to continue “as of now”. “Cuidándoos each other. Adding solidarity, humour, humanity… and The humor and love is our best prescription”. In recent years, he and his former spouse, Clear Lake, has been a fervent activists, and in fact in the image Rovira wears a bracelet of his foundation, Ochotumbao, that work to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged people, the conservation of the environment and the defense of animals.

  Dani Rovira at the gala of the Goya

As a family

It seems incredible that about 10 years ago Dani Rovira was not known outside of the circuits of the stand-up. It was in 2014 when she starred in ‘Eight surnames basques’, one of the highest grossing films in the history of our cinema, which provided him with the Goya to the best actor revelation. Since then it is one of the most famous people of Spain, presented the awards of the Academy of Spanish Cinema during three consecutive years and has released hits such as ‘Now or never’, ‘Eight Catalan surnames’, or ‘Superlópez’. All of Spain is hoping to win his “fight the bug”as he himself has called it.