Danna Paola boasts a sculptural body after doing cardio


Danna Paola published in your account Instagram a few photographs where you get super sensual with some pants and sports top color black that exposed part of his abdomen, in such a series of photograph of the singer after a dance routine “cardio” as she calls it to tik Tok

And is that Danna Paola has joined the world of Tik Tok like other artists who in the quarantine have used the time for uploading videos, doing some challenge viral on that platform.

“The mood today after 3 hours of cardio centennial ( yes, tik tok)”, published by Danna Paola.

But to Danna Paola also likes to show the behind-the-scenes of the production of tik tok, and we shared the pictures during the recording of his video for that platform.

Watch the Tik Tok of Danna Paola

Without a doubt in the video we can see a Danna Paola very sensual, that has made it clear that it is not the same girl who we saw when I was playing ugly duckling, in dare to dream.

In fact Danna Paola every time shows a picture more mature, and after interpreting the character of Lucretia in the series Elite, Danna Paola she buried all traces that she had the girl’s tender who grew up in the studios of Televisa.

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Today is the mexican singer’s most followed in instagram with more than 19 million followers, who are always on the lookout for new projects of Danna Paola.In addition to the interpreter of Sodium still has a turn outstanding throughout Mexico, which had to be cancelled because of the contingency by Coronavirus Covid-19.