DEFENDS – Osmariel Villalobos will respond to those who accuse her of being a “narcomodelo” (+SCREENSHOT)


Osmariel Villalobos do not feel for anything apabullada by the accusations made against you then that will show that you attended the Festival Day Zero in Tulum.

One of the venezuelan that has sounded in recent days is the model Osmariel Villalobosbecause of that published a photograph posing so sexy in your bathing suit while it was on Tulum, Mexico. According to what they say, internet users, Villalobos along with other models that creole is located in this little paradise mexican to attend to the Festival Day Zero, which is known for concentrating a large amount of drugs, drug dealers, and prostituas.

Likewise, there are those who claimed that the former beauty queen is one of the guests of honor at the event, so they quickly linked up with the mobsters who are responsible for taking forward this festival with the aim of making a curtain of smoke and called “narcomodelo”.

In response to these criticism from among his own followers, Osmariel is not kept quiet and answered in the social networks when a fan put him “What do you think of the smear campaign that you have created in the social networks about your trip to Tulum? What is that journey? Are you on vacation? Tell us Osma, because they are saying many things.”

To do this, Osmariel Villalobos replied deliberately: “The people that say what you want my life. I know who I am”.

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