DEVOTEES – Famous venezuelans celebrated the Day of the Divine Shepherdess (+PHOTOS)


Caterina Valentino, John Guaidó, Maite Delgado and many other creoles were given the task of celebrating the day of The Divina Pastora

The day of The divina Pastora we commemorated this Tuesday, 14 January and there were many venezuelans who gathered to celebrate, in addition to some of the artists have also been approached at the time iconic of the procession or postearon in their networks, messages of love in his name.

Caterina Valentino, John Guaidó, Franklin Virgüez, Maite Delgado, Leonardo Villalobos, Prince Julio Cesar, Rafael “El pollo” Brito are some of the names of famous venezuelans who are highlighted in this list who have made used their social networks to venerate The divina Pastora.

Venezuelan singer Rafael “The pollo” Brito has sung a birthday song to the patron saint from the distance, using his voice and a four, making it clear that is far away, but never absent.

Maite Delgado, Leonardo Villalobos they have used their Instagram to post images, and celebrate this great day for the creoles.

Prince Julio Cesar and the president in charge of Venezuela, John Guaidó, left to see in networks that would be in the procession, which is held each year in Barquisimeto, Lara state, Venezuela to celebrate this day.

For his part Caterina Valentino he also thanked and asked all venezuelans to The divina Pastora.

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