Dies Stuart Gordon, director of ‘Re-Animator’ and co-creator of ‘Honey, I shrunk the kids’


The terror of the B-series has lost one of its teachers. Stuart Gordon, the director of ‘Re-Animator’ and ‘Re-Sonator (From Beyond)’, has died at the age of 72. Variety has obtained confirmation of its family, although it is not specified the cause of death.

Stuart Gordon was born in Chicago in August of 1947. Although he wanted to study film, had to settle with access to the career of interpreting. From there fond of the theatre, a subject in which he has carved out a career even more prominent than in the filmfounded several theater groups and receiving praises and awards for his work in experimental theatre.

Stuart Gordon

Even so, his best-known work internationally is in the area of terror of series B. His first film as director and screenwriter was ‘Re-Animator’, inspired by a story of Lovecraft (as a great part of the work of Gordon), on a medical student who discovers that he can resurrect the dead. ‘Re-Animator’ was conceived as a theatrical production, and after it was going to be a pilot of a half hour for a tv series. Finally became an independent film that was shot with less than a million dollars, and that began a saga that has followed ‘The bride of Re-Animator’ in 1990 and ‘Beyond Re-Animator’ in 2003, both directed by friend of Gordon Brian Yuzna.

After a year of ‘Re-Animator’, Stuart Gordon came back to draw inspiration from Lovecraft to direct and write his second film, ‘Re-Sonator (From Beyond)’, on a machine that allows people to perceive reality in a different way but that is just attracting some terrible monsters. After he directed ‘Dolls’, ‘The pendulum of death’, and delved into the action genre of science fiction with ‘Robot jox’, ‘Fort hell’ and ‘Space Truckers’. His last film was ‘Stuck’, filmed in 2007.

As a curiosity, Gordon had the bad habit of killing his wife (in his films), Carolyn Purdy-Gordon. Carolyn and her three daughters to mourn their loss.

One of the creators of ‘Honey, I shrunk the kids’

'Honey, I shrunk the kids'

In addition to her work in independent horror and terror, experimental, Stuart Gordon is one of the creators of a movie that marked a generation of children: ‘Honey, I shrunk the kids’. In it, a scientist played by Rick Moranis shrinking to their children without wanting to with a prototype of an invention that has in his attic. Children will have an adventure in the garden of the house. Gordon devised the story to Disney Studios with his friend Brian Yuzna and screenwriter Ed Naha, and also appeared as executive producer of the sequel, ‘Honey, I enlarged the child’. Years later, he directed an episode of the Halloween series for the Disney Channel based on the first movie.