Disney+ would be considering include series such as ‘Buffy vampire slayer’ or ‘Firefly’ in your catalog


With the premiere in our country Disney+, it seems that the networks do not talk about anything else. However, in the united States already takes quite a few months, where they have been adding little by little more content, although always with the family court that characterizes the platform. Could you open this range pronot? According to Den Of Geek, they would be sent questionnaires to selected users to make a study on what content could be addedand the names that sound are the of series such as ‘Buffy vampire slayer’ or ‘Firefly’, among others.

Buffy Vampire Slayer

In addition to those already mentioned, these would not be the only series that the platform would be proposing to add. Also sound like other names such as the well-known sitcom ‘Modern Family’ or ‘How I met your mother’, two productions that, although they are of Fox, there would be no problem in add, as they did with ‘The Simpsons’. Also sound like other comedies like ‘Black-ish’, or ‘Malcolm’, although for the moment all are rumors.

What has happened to ‘One, two, three… Splash’?

These series without a doubt they would still slightly the souls of all those spectators that have come to Disney+ and have been disappointed to see that the platform is absolutely aimed at families with childrenbeing ‘The Simpsons’ the unique content more adult. This decision has brought to Disney to censor its own catalog.

Without doubt the film of Ron Howard starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah has been one of the most talked about since the arrival of the platform to our country, and should not be precisely the plot of the film. Due to that was censored a plane ‘One, two, three… Splash’ in that it looked from behind, the naked figure of the actress and fell in such a way that he saw only the back, leaving out the rear. A censorship is absurd and excessive, even to them.