Does NOT HOLD THE PRESSURE – Osmariel Villalobos gives more details of their work in the app “Famous” (+VIDEO)


Again Osmariel Villalobos he went out to talk to the topic of Famousan application in which the creole form part of the hundreds of artists that come by to give a greeting to their followers.

The model and entertainer venezuelan Osmariel Villalobos it is found again in the eye of the hurricane by a new controversy which is the protagonist. It turns out that they released information about an application called Famous where the artists charge the amount they consider for making a personalized greeting to any follower so what you want.

This, however, for many users it turned out to be scandal, pointing to the creole as “used” by the amount so exaggerated I was asking for.

Tuesday night, the journalist clarified that all the money that she was collecting what I would donate to a foundation that is working in to avoid further spread of the coronavirus by the world.

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However, this did not satisfy his followers and continued to speak of her in the networks, so that had to go out again to talk about the subject and clarify a little more of the matter.

As said Osmariel has 6 months forming part of Famousand now there are a lot of people juzgándola, however, there’s another application with many other artists who have higher amounts, specifying that it is totally normal.

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